Riding Etiquette

Please take the time to study the below information and if you have any questions, please ask one of the Giant Sunshine Coast staff members before the ride briefing.


The staged turn method is similar to rolling turns, but instead of constantly swapping the front leading pair, we will instead do it in stages. This means everybody will do a turn on the right hand side at the front and then a turn on the left hand side at the front.

Once the lead rider on the right hand side has completed their turn, they will accelerate a little and move over to the left and resume riding at the same speed as they were. The next rider on the right hand side who was behind the leader will now move forward one place and everybody on the right hand side will also move forward one place.  The rider at the very back of the left hand side will then move right and forward to fill the gap that has formed at the back right hand side.

Other than when the right hand side riders are moving forward, there should be no half wheeling in the groups and we would recommend keeping your turns on the front to a maximum of a few minutes. The less strong riders can move over to the right after just 30 seconds if need be, but only one rider should move forward off the front at time.  As ever please communicate with your fellow riders about what you are going to do.