Q. Are the rides competitive?
A. Whilst the rides are not competitive and the aim is to encourage new cyclists, there are opportunities for the developing cyclist to push themself in the faster group.

Q. Do I need to be a business owner to partake in the rides?
A. The rides are not just for business owners. It is a great way for you to network with other cycling enthusiasts and get to know your local trade, service, professionals and business owners.

Q. How do I become a registered business on the Business Cycles web page?
A. Once you have become a regular on the Business Cycles rides, we will happily register you on our site to help promote you and your business!

Q. How do I register for the rides?
A. You can register for the newsletter/updates on the business cycles webpage.

Q. How far and fast are the ride?
A. The rides vary from 30-40 km long at an average speed of 27-35 km/h.

Q. How fit do I need to be and will I get left behind?
A. A reasonable level of fitness is required, if you can maintain a moderate level of exercise for an hour you will be fine.
No you will not be left behind, we have ride staff who look after all of the beginner cyclists.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. It's FREE!!! There is no cost for participation. Remember to bring your coffee money!

Q. What about junior riders?
A. Junior's are welcome, however the minimum age is 14 years, they must be accompanied by a responsible adult, and understand that this ride has a networking aspect. Just like the adults they need to be on an appropriate bike for the ride, have some experience riding with adults, and must ride in the group that is suited to their skill level - understanding that the ride leaders may place them in a different group if necessary.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. Ideally a well serviced flat bar road bike or road bike (or mountain bike for Parklands ride), a helmet, sunscreen, spare tube etc. and a sense of fun and adventure!!

Q. What sort of bike do I need?
A. Ideally a well serviced flat bar road bike or road bike (or mountain bike for Parklands ride). We do not discriminate against other types of cycles, it will just make it more of a work out to keep up!

Q. What time will we be back from the ride?
A. We arrive back at Giant Sunshine Coast at 7.30am, where there is a coffee available and each week someone gives their business an introduction.